Cal-Stron Reptile Calcium 25 pack consumer

Cal-Stron Reptile Calcium 25 pack consumer

Ultrafine Calcium in a counter display

  • contains naturally occurring Strontium Carbonate
  • for grater bone density & egg shell strength
  • more digestable than oyster shell or Calcite based Reptile Calcium
  • particle size of 10 microns
  • Manufacturer:CaribSea
  • SKU:150942
  • Included:25 easy tear packets, 2 g each
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New research indicates that strontium can significantly improve bone density and strength of egg shells.

Cal-Stron contains natural strontium carbonate and is easier to digest than oyster shells or calcite based calcium products. Cal-Stron is free of phosphorus and is made from pure corals. Due to the extra smooth surface and particle size of 10 microns, it not only adheres well to insects, but also mixes well into drinking water.

Practical box with pre-packed sachets that are easy to use. Each bag is for approximately 100 feeders.

Calcium carbonate
Calcium: min. 38 % - max. 40 %
Strontium: min. 0.7 % - max. 0.9 %
Included: 25 easy tear packets, 2 g each