ATI Carbon plus 1.000 ml

ATI Carbon plus 1.000 ml

Activated carbon for freshwater and marine Aquariums

  • Removes organic and inorganic substances
  • Removes turbidity for crystal clear water
  • Removes the yellow substances
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Activated carbon for aquariums

ATI Carbon plus is a high-performance activated carbon with improved pore structure for crystal-clear water in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. A special manufacturing process creates a large number of very fine capillaries. Thanks to this large internal active surface area of 900 - 1000 m²/g, Carbon plus binds pollutants particularly quickly and efficiently.

It not only binds organic metabolic products such as uric acids and protein compounds, it also binds inorganic pollutants such as chlorine, heavy metals, drug residues and many other toxins. Also a reduction of biological inhibitors leads to improved polyp appearance and coral growth. Activated carbon also removes turbidity, yellow matter and unwanted colorants.

50 ml per 200 L aquarium water