aqua connect POSIclear plus

aqua connect POSIclear plus

Creates crystal clear water

  • promotes bioactivity and improves water quality
  • reduces the phosphate and silicate level
  • for fresh and saltwater tanks
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POSIclear plus is an active ingredient preparation for bioactivation and multifunctional water treatment in fresh and marine water aquariums.

POSIclear plus promotes bioactivity and improves the water quality in your aquarium.

POSIclear plus activates nitrogen decomposition and creates crystal clear water.

POSIclear plus reduces the phosphate and silicate content.

At the beginning every 14 days 100 ml on 200 l aquarium water.

If used regularly, half the dosage is often sufficient.

The highly effective ingredients settle at the bottom of the bottle. Therefore, shake vigorously before use and put directly into the aquarium. POSIclear plus has an unlimited shelf life due to its ingredients.

Not suitable for human consumption. Keep out of the reach of children.