aqua connect NUTRIENT supplier 5000 ml

aqua connect NUTRIENT supplier 5000 ml

Nutrient supply for corals, clams and filtration organisms.

  • for hard and soft corals, clams and filter feeders
  • optimal particle sizes for nutrient absorption
  • ingredients have unlimited shelf life
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NUTRIENTsupplier is a transport medium for effective nutrient supply of hard corals (SPS and LPS) and soft corals, clams and filter feeders.

In nature, animals require a wide variety of particle sizes of organic and inorganic substances. NUTRIENTsupplier consists of an inorganic carrier material and has a particle size distribution from 0.9 to 25 µ.

The agent to be dosed is deposited on these particles and can thus be introduced directly into the coral.

NUTRIENTsupplier can attach all liquid substances, such as trace elements, amino acids, liquid feed, iodine solutions, vitamins or bacterial suspensions.

Shake up the ingredients of Nutrient supplier. Then add 1 ml of Nutrient supplier per 100 l of aquarium water to a separate container. Then add the nutrient to be dosed for you and stir the solution. After 10 minutes standing time the substances have combined and can now be added to the flow. Now the nutrients are introduced into the corals and an optimal supply is guaranteed.

It's completely harmless if the water becomes turbid. Siphon off sediment from time to time. NUTRIENT supplier has an unlimited shelf life due to its ingredients.