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Ocean Nutrition Veggie Favourites 100 g

Ocean Nutrition Veggie Favourites 100 g

Even for the most picky herbivrous eaters

  • Blend of lightly bounded vegetables and algae
  • Enriched with planktonic algae
  • Perfect for fish feeding on the "Aufwuchslayer"
  • Ideal for many African lake Cichlids, Loricariid catfishes, live bearers, etc.
  • Perfect for Tanganiyka Tropheus
  • Manufacturer:Ocean Nutrition
  • Item number:153095
  • Best before date:30.05.2025
3,55 €

including 7% VAT ,

Recommended retail price: 3,55 €

Perfect for fish who feed on algae and small Prey organisms of the "Aufwuchs" layer

In their natural biotope, a variety of our well-known aquarium fish are specialized in feeding on the layer of algae and bacterial growth covering aquatic surfaces, and the little prey organisms which hide inside. This layer is called ‘Aufwuchs’ and is the staple diet for, among others, many African lake cichlids, Loricariid catfishes and live bearers.

Veggie Favourites was developed to satisfy the nutritional need of these species. The frozen and lightly bound blend of vegetables and algae, enriched with planktonic crustaceans offers a perfect mix for fish who need their herbivorous diet complemented with a small degree of aquatic animal Protein.


Your fish should be fed 2 to 5 times a day, only feed the amount that your fish will consume within 5 minutes.
Algae, Vegetables, Molluscs, Crustaceans, Fish and Fish derivates
Protein: 6,3%
PDF Ocean Nutrition Feeding Chart Frozen