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Spectrapure Aquatec Boosterpumpe CDP 8800 inkl. Netzteil

Spectrapure Aquatec Boosterpumpe CDP 8800 inkl. Netzteil

Booster pump for RO/DI adjustable 2,7 to 7 bar

  • 230V power supply included
  • Boosts incoming pressure by up to 4 bar
  • Adjustable pressure output
  • Can be mounted w/pump head up or down
244,90 €

incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs

Manufacturers recommended retail price: 244,90 €

Manual Operated Booster Pump including 230V Power Supply

Increases line pressure to any of SpectraPure® Line Pressure fed RO or DI Systems. Add-on to existing RO, RO/DI Drinking Water Systems (DWST) or Permeate Pump Drinking Water Systems (DWS-PPT)

  • Boost incoming pressure by up to 60 psi for enhanced production and increased purity
  • Operating pressure up to 100 psi
  • Can be operated in any position Self pressure regulating; maintains constant output pressure regardless of inlet pressure
  • Whisper quiet
  • Advanced diaphragm technology and improved bearings extend pump life and lower noise
  • Sealed pump design protects from moisture and prolongs motor life
  • Adjustable pressure output
Distinguishing Features:
  • 3/8" fittings
  • Toughest, most durable pump on market
  • Adjustable max. outlet psi (regardless of feed pressure)
  • Expels trapped air (no more air locks)
  • Can be mounted w/pump head up or down
  • More flow at extremely low inlet pressures
  • EMI/RFI electronic noise suppression
  • New motor venting system to remove moisture
  • 100% final performance tested

Key Operating Benefits:
  • Boosts pressure 40 to 120 psi (adjustable)
  • Used with membranes 50 to 100 GPD
  • 15,000+ operating hours
  • Quiet - less than 52 DBA
  • Can run dry without Damage
  • Self priming - 1.2 m lift
  • Low voltage (24V) for maximum safety
  • Corrosion resistant exterior
  • Adapter 3/8 to 1/4" is available as a separate part