Salifert All in One 1.000 ml

Salifert All in One 1.000 ml

All in One Supplement for Corals & Coralline Algae

  • contains alsmost everything required for growth
  • essential for the many biochemical processes
  • all ingredients are of a pharmaceutical quality or even better
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All in One

All in One can make the use of the so called A and B calcium and alkalinity supplements unnecessary. It contains almost everything required for growth by corals and the beautiful encrusting pink and red coralline algae. All in One will increase the alkalinity (carbonate hardness), calcium, strontium, trace elements (except iodine) and amino acids concentrations.

We explain the necessity of these below

Calcium, strontium, carbonate (alkalinity) and amino acids are the major constituents of calcareous algae, skeletal material of hard corals and the skeletal needles of soft/leather corals. Growth and multiplication of these organisms means depletion of those substances. The trace elements included in All in One allow organisms to carry out many biological processes. Manganese for instance is essential for the many biochemical processes, which make photosynthesis possible. Iron is essential to many organisms for absorbing nutrients. Cobalt is essential for the formation of several coral pigments. Zinc is, like manganese essential for photosynthesis and is also used in the formation of calcium carbonate by corals. These are just a few of the trace elements present in All in One. This Supplement is highly concentrated and contains for example approx. 35,000 ppm calcium, corresponding amounts of biologically-activated bicarbonate and approx. 700 ppm strontium. The calcium is acetate based and is converted within minutes to calcium bicarbonate. This unlike gluconate-based products.

All ingredients are of a pharmaceutical quality or even better. This ensures that no unwanted elements are added to your valuable Aquarium.

Occasionally an additional boost of alkalinity with Salifet's KH+pH buffer is recommended to compensate for alkalinity lost by, e.g., decaying food. Also, iodine should be supplemented for excellent results.

Shake before use.

Regular maintenance: Dose 5 ml per 100 Liters (25 gallons) once a week.

Calcium acetate, strontium, trace elements, amino acids

Keep out of rech of children. Only for Aquarium-Hobby use. Not for human consumption (directly or indirectly).

In case of contact with eyes: Rinse with plenty of water.