Ocean Nutrition Tropical Quintet 100 g

Ocean Nutrition Tropical Quintet 100 g

A blend of 5 premium ingredients

  • for Tropical freshwater fish
  • Manufacturer:Ocean Nutrition
  • SKU:153060
  • Shelf life expiration date:31.05.2027
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A combination of five different premium single ingredients (small and large Bloodworms, Daphnia, Artemia and Mysis) in one package to bring variation to the menu for your tropical freshwater fish.

Your fish should be fed 2 to 5 times a day, only feed the amount that your fish will consume within 5 minutes.
Chironomus sp., Daphnia sp., Artemia sp., Mysis sp.
PDF Ocean Nutrition Feeding Chart Frozen Foods Flyer
PDF Ocean Nutrition Tropical Quintet Datasheet