Ocean Nutrition Krill Pacifica

Ocean Nutrition Krill Pacifica
Ocean Nutrition Krill Pacifica

Pacific Krill

  • known as the best food for fish & crustaceans
  • nutritionally balanced
  • enhances the coloration of your fish due to high carotenoid content
  • from the Antarctic Ocean
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Pacific Krill (Euphasia pacifica) are small shrimp-like invertebrates collected in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. They are a relatively large form of zooplankton. This invertebrate is the natural food of seals, penguins and baleen whales and is known to be one of the very best (nutritionally balanced) feed for fish and crustaceans. It is one of nature’s best food sources because of its excellent protein digestibility, superior amino acid profile, high HUFA and astaxanthin content

The Krill Pacifica by Ocean Nutrition contains very high levels of carotenoid pigments ensuring a natural color enhancement of your fish. When they are threatened, some species can instantly shed their skin and leave an empty shell as bait.

Your fish should be fed 2 to 5 times a day, only feed the amount that your fish will consume within 5 minutes.
Euphasia pacifica.
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