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Ocean Nutrition Easy-Mag

Ocean Nutrition Easy-Mag
Ocean Nutrition Easy-Mag
Ocean Nutrition Easy-Mag

Magnetic tool for Sep-Art Artemia cyst separation

  • specially developed for Harvest of Artemia nauplii
  • for removal of shells from hatched Artemia cysts
  • only works with magnetically coated Sep-Art Artemia cysts
  • stainless steel housing
  • Manufacturer:Ocean Nutrition
  • SKU:19081
  • Included:1 magnetic rod with cover
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Magnetic separation of SEP-Art Artemia cysts

The Easy-Mag has been specially designed to remove Artemia nauplii hatched from SEP-Art cysts.
The Ocean Nutrition Easy-Mag meets the strictest requirements and has a smooth polished stainless steel housing that is easy to clean. After removal from the Artemia suspension, the adhering cysts and shells are simply rinsed off the surface of the magnet with a gentle jet of water.

Easy to use

Easy to use magnet for removing unhatched SEP-type cysts and empty shells. Thanks to the magnetic coating, they remain attached to the magnetic rod and can be removed very easily.

Leaving a clean and live Artemia nauplii suspension without unhatched cysts and empty shells. Ideal for enhanced enrichment with Ocean Nutrition Omega Boost 3 or Omega Boost 5.

Attention! Never leave magnets unattended. This magnetic device must be handled with care and common sense.

Harvesting Methods

Method 1: Direct harvest. Suitable for small hatching volumes (5-10L)

Small tanks can be harvested without any special preparation. Simply separate the cysts from the nauplii by inserting the SEP-Art Easy-Mag tool into the hatching tank. Repeat until all cysts are collected and a pure nauplii suspension is obtained

Method 2: After concentration. Suitable for small to relatively large hatching volumes (10-100L)

1. Stop aeration when hatching is complete. Preferably cover the tank.
2. Allow the empty shells to float in the hatching suspension for approximately 5 minutes.
3. At the same time, the nauplii and the full and unhatched cysts will accumulate near the outlet of the tank.
4. Collect the hatching tank (excluding empty shells floating on the surface) in a net or other collection device.
5. Transfer the collected nauplii and unhatched cysts to a concentrator tank and add clean seawater to approximately 10% of the original hatching volume, providing good aeration.
6. Submerge the SEP-Art Easy-Mag in the concentrated suspension for approximately 1 minute (until fully loaded with unhatched cysts and cyst shells).
7. Remove the loaded SEP-Art Easy-Mag from the Artemia suspension and remove the attached cysts and shells from the surface of the magnets with a gentle stream of water (collect in a separate net for later disposal).
8. Repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 until the Artemia nauplii suspension is free of cysts and a pure Artemia nauplii suspension is obtained.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 300 x 25,4 mm
Included: 1 magnetic rod with cover
Operating Temperature: maximal 80° C
Magnetic Quality: N50 Neodym
Gauss Strength: >11.000 Gs
Material: 304 stainless steel
PDF Datasheet Ocean Nutrition Easy-Mag