Nyos Opus 300 G2 Pro-Line weiss

Nyos Opus 300 G2 Pro-Line weiss
Nyos Opus 300 G2 Pro-Line weiss
Nyos Opus 300 G2 Pro-Line weiss
Nyos Opus 300 G2 Pro-Line weiss
Nyos Opus 300 G2 Pro-Line weiss
Nyos Opus 300 G2 Pro-Line weiss
Nyos Opus 300 G2 Pro-Line weiss

Ready-to-use reef aquarium

  • minimalistic design
  • ultra-clear glass for brilliant colors
  • deep blue lacquered pane for realistic depth effect
  • available in Slim-Line and Pro-Line
  • Manufacturer:Nyos
  • SKU:156030
  • Included:

    Aquarium with external Overflow box and ultra-clear glass on three sides, Cabinet in white, Ready to use PVC piping, Sump including filter sock, separate Refill tank

1.849,00 €

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Manufacturers recommended retail price: 1.849,00 €


ThePro-Line® cabinet is perfect for all those who love something Special:

  • Extravagant, cubic design

  • Additional storage space for equipment and accessories as the cabinet has a larger footprint than the aquarium

  • High quality® 125° hinges with soft-close

  • Doors and made of solid material with a thickness of 38mm

  • Concealed sand edge: The special design of the Pro-Line® cabinet conceals the bottom silicone seam and the sand edge of the aquarium

Quality. Function. Aesthetics.

With the ® OPUS® series Nyos created ready-to-use reef aquariums that will satisfy the highest demands in terms of quality, functionality and aesthetics. Attention was also paid to important details that make the difference. Due to the special design, the aquarium as such is placed in the background. As a result, nothing distracts from the most important thing: The reef experience.


Clear glass edges

In order to detract as little as possible from the reef experience, only transparent silicone is used in the display Aquarium.

Panes with ultra-clear glass for brilliant colors

The front pane and both side panes are produced from ultra-clear glass. In comparison to conventional glass, ultra-clear glass exhibits a significantly weaker green tint, so that the colors of the fish and corals appear more contrasting and lively.

Hidden Overflow

The Nyos® OPUS® is equipped with an external over flow box recessed in the back pane. With no interfering overflow box inside the aquarium, additional spa ce is available for aquascaping. It is also simple and straightforward to keep the back pane clean.

Pool Tank

The Nyos® OPUS® G2 is designed as a pool tank. There are no annoying side or cross bars in the Aquarium.

Recessed aquarium

The aquarium is recessed in the cabinet. This conceals the often unsightly bottom silicone seam, as well as the sand edge of the aquarium. With this, the view of the reef is entirely unimpeded.

Deep blue lacquered back pane for realistic depth effect

The back pane of the aquarium is finished in a precisely tailored dark shade of blue. When the aquarium lighting is switched on, this creates the perfect illusion of a realistic underwater world with depth effect.

Perfect aquascaping dimensions thanks to the extra depth

For reef aquariums, depth is particularly important when it comes to aquascaping. That's why the Nyos® OPUS® G2 features an extra deep design so you can create spectacular aquascapes.


The Nyos® OPUS® G2 is optionally available with ® or Slim-Line® Cabinet. Both cabinet designs are characterized by the following Features:

Robust design

Both cabinet designs use moisture-resistant boards in accordance with EN 312. Thanks to a durable melamine resin coating, the surfaces are extremely scratch and impact resistant. Furthermore, the cabinets are equipped with water-proof pads on the inside.

Sustainable and resource-friendly

The wood used in the Nyos® OPUS® G2 cabinets comes from verified legal sources in accordance with ISO 38200 and is produced in FSC® certified factories. The legal limits for formaldehyde emissions are clearly undercut. All cabinets are made of 30% from recycling material and 45% co-products (leftover wood from the sawmill industry). This results in a lower carbon Footprint.

Comfortable with greater height

Compared to the first generation, the Nyos® OPUS® G2 cabinets have a greater total height so that working in the cabinet is more convenient. The doors can be conveniently opened with the recessed push-to-open System.

Aesthetics and design

With the Nyos® OPUS® G2 cabinets, we paid special attention to functional and aesthetic design. The surfaces have a melamine resin coating and are timeless elegance and simplicity.

Available in two attractive colors

In addition to timeless white, both cabinet types are also available in modern basalt gray. Both colors are characterized by a matt finish.



Space-saving PVC piping

Compared to hose installations, PVC piping offers greater safety and durability. The piping can be installed in a few simple steps and is designed to be space-saving.

Simplified sump with large skimmer chamber

Multiple devices such as skimmer, media reactor or algae reactor can be housed at the same time in the large main chamber (skimmer chamber). This chamber has a constant water level of approx. 21 cm (8 in).

Adjustable, quiet main drain and separate emergency drain

The Nyos® OPUS® G2 has a main drain with an adjustable valve. This makes it possible to minimize drain noise. An emergency drain is also included as standard..

Nylon filter sock

The Nyos® OPUS® G2 includes a nylon filter sock. It is designed for longer run times.

Separate, large volume refill tank

The 50cm (20 in) high refill tank with a volume of 22 liters (6 gal) holds RO water for about one week.

Functionality and Structure of Sump

Chamber 1: Sedimentation chamber for the outflow water from the display tank.

Chamber 2: Filter sock filters dirt particles out of the water

Chamber 3: The main filter chamber, also known as the skimmer chamber, has a constant water level. It is possible to install further filters here, such as a media reactor for example.

Chamber 4: Bubble trap, in which a coarse filter sponge can be placed if necessary.

Chamber 5: Return Chamber. In this chamber, the water is fed back into the display tank via the return pump. As the water level in the return chamber varies, this is where the evaporated water needs to be replenished via the auto top off System.


Dimensions (LxWxH):

Tank 90 x 55 x 53 cm
Cabinet 98,5 x 65,5 x 90 cm
Sump 50 x 50 x 38 cm


Aquarium with external Overflow box and ultra-clear glass on three sides, Cabinet in white, Ready to use PVC piping, Sump including filter sock, separate Refill tank

Glass Thickness:

10 mm


Tank: 262 l - Sump: 52 l - Refill tank: 22 l

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