Ultra Reef Borei UKB-120 Skimmer

Ultra Reef Borei UKB-120 Skimmer
Ultra Reef Borei UKB-120 Skimmer
Ultra Reef Borei UKB-120 Skimmer

Skimmer with electronically controllable DC pump

  • 24V DC pump
  • for up to 300 Liter Aquarien
  • small, compact and simple
  • durable, smooth running and robust
  • most effective removal of pollutants
329,00 €

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Manufacturers recommended retail price: 329,00 €

Small, compact and simple

The Ultra Reef Skimmer type Boreis UKB is an internal skimmer with a pump that perfectly meets the filtration requirements of modern marine aquariums. High performance and quality in a compact and competitive product for small aquariums at an extremely competitive price.

Good products are created when even the smallest detail has been thought through. Like the Ultra Reef skimmers Borei, Akula and Typhoon. Design, function and manufacturing accuracy of Ultra Reef skimmers are impressive and unique in this price range. Adjustment, cleaning, durability - everything fits! The skimmers Borei, Akula and Typhoon have reached the upper limit in every aspect. Except for one: the price.

Unique manufacturing quality - durable, smooth running and robust

The internal skimmer Borei sets new standards in this price segment in terms of material quality, functional design and manufacturing accuracy. Each PVC part of the Ultra Reef skimmers is milled from the full block. The screws used are made of titanium which is protected against corrosion in seawater. The housing ensures a homogeneous flow over the entire length of the housing. The combination of material, design and precision in manufacturing is an absolute unique selling point for skimmers in this price range!

Most effective removal of pollutants for optimum water quality

The installed needle wheel pumps are produced by the Italian manufacturer Hydor. They achieve an excellent water-air mixture and an extremely fine foam pattern. Organic waste and potentially toxic pollutants are thus removed particularly effectively and the water quality is immediately improved significantly. The close, absolutely precise contact with the base plate prevents air bubbles from escaping into the surrounding water.

Precise adjustment for optimum nutrient content

The position in the skimmer as well as the amount of the sucked in air can be adjusted precisely and stably via adjusting screws. Together with the excellent separation of air and water, this allows perfect balancing of nutrient content and water quality in each tank without annoying boiling over. Even in freshly set up aquariums where there are still few foaming agents, Borei, Akula and Typhoon ensure excellent stability. The skimmers are suitable for both dry and wet skimming.

The Boei skimmer UKB by Ultra Reef scores additionally with an energy-saving, electronically adjustable pump. With the control system it is possible to vary the operating speed and to manage pause functions. This makes setting up a feeding mode very easy.

Sophisticated design for easy cleaning

The milled parts and the generously dimensioned material thickness guarantee a very high impact and shock resistance and thus also excellent durability during all maintenance work. The skimmers can be almost completely disassembled with a few simple steps. Small components have been largely dispensed with, making cleaning even easier.

Whisper-quiet operation for a more premium aquarium experience

Thanks to quiet running components, the DC pump and the solid construction, the skimmers are particularly low-noise. In addition, a silencer has been integrated into the foam filter to reduce the air intake noise. Silicone attachments on the bottom of the base plate absorb disturbing vibrations. Not only the aquarium inhabitants appreciate this - you too can experience and enjoy the aquarium and its tranquillity.

Dimensions (LxWxH):

15 x 20 x 50 cm

Power Consumption:

~ 5 - 11 W


Jebao DCW 2000

Air Intake:

~ 200 - 400 l/h

Water Intake:

~ 400 - 800 l/h

Aquarium Size:

100 - 300 l

Suggested sump water level about 22 cm
PDF Ultra Reef Borei Manual
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