Nyos Chromys 250 ml

Nyos Chromys 250 ml

Liquid plankton concentrate

  • high quality raw materials
  • ready to use, simple application
  • no defrosting necessary
  • for fish and LPS corals
  • Manufacturer:Nyos
  • SKU:16668
  • Shelf life expiration date:31.12.2027
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With NYOS® CHROMYS you get a liquid zoological plankton concentrate which can be used directly. CHROMYS contains high-quality Mysis relicta (0.2-20mm). This provides ideal nutrition for numerous seawater fish and LPS corals. CHROMYS strengthens seawater fish vitality and accelerates coral growth.

The advantages at a glance:
  • high-quality raw materials
  • can be added directly to the tank, no defrosting necessary
  • simple application
  • ideal for many ornamental seawater fish and LPS corals

First dilute Chromys in a separate container with aquarium water and then add it in to the tank. Feed your fish sparingly several times a day. Feed LPS corals with a pipette 1-2 x per week in small amounts after turning off the current.

Water, mysis, salt, alginate, ascorbic acid, citric acid

Protein: 6,7 %
Fiber: 0,5 %
Fat: 0,3 %
Ash: 12,9 %
Moisture: 79,4 %

Store in a cool and dark place, before and after opening. Not suitable for human consumption.