INVE SEPART Artemia Cysts AF 430 1 kg

INVE SEPART Artemia Cysts AF 430 1 kg
The all new SEPART System!
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The EG Artemia cysts treated with our innovative SEP-Art technology.

These cysts contain the same characteristics as the regular EG Artemia cysts:
Consistent quality and a certified output
Simultaneous hatching behavior
High enrichment levels

The difference with the regular cysts is the technology they have been treated with: SEP-Art. This is not a new cyst strain, but a magnetic coating on the cyst which allows a feature unique in the aquaculture industry: complete and perfect separation of the nauplii by means of a set of passive magnets. The magnetic coating is 100% safe and environmentally friendly.

Perfect separation:        less than 0,1% of the cysts remain in the water
Environmentally friendly: no use of chemicals
Maximized output:         100% pure and healthy nauplii
Easy to use:                 requires a lot less work and energy than traditional separation methods

1 kg