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Ecotech Marine XR15 G5/G6 RMS Slide

Ecotech Marine XR15 G5/G6 RMS Slide
Ecotech Marine XR15 G5/G6 RMS Slide

G5 X-Bracket for Multi Light RMS Track

  • for all XR15 Radion models
  • compatible with standard & pooltanks
  • super easy to assemble - built-in cable management
  • robust metal & plastic construction
31,90 €

incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs

Manufacturers recommended retail price: 31,90 €

Multi RMS mount for Radion XR15 & XR30

The Multi RMS Kit is the mounting for several radios across the tank.

  • Compatible with standard and pooltanks: Covers most of the available tanks
  • Minimalistic and attractive: Restrained design with focus on the pool, not the mount
  • Super easy to assemble:  No drilling or cutting required - assembled and installed in minutes
  • Heavy Duty: Very stable and robust metal and plastic construction - at least as durable as your tank
  • Multiple components: Different lengths can be represented by different rails
  • Built-in cable management: The cables of the Radion can be routed in the mounting system
  • Fine tuning: You have to adjust your Radion back or forth? No problem
  • Lengthwise or crosswise: The rotating mounting allows you to hang the lamps lengthwise or crosswise to the pool
Optimal mounting for Radions at approximately 7 inches (18 cm) above the edge of the tank.
PDF Ecotech Marine RMS Multi Tank Bedienungsanleitung
PDF Ecotech Marine RMS Multi Tank Manual