CaribSea Rubble Zone 2,9 kg

CaribSea Rubble Zone 2,9 kg
CaribSea Rubble Zone 2,9 kg
CaribSea Rubble Zone 2,9 kg

Real Aragonite Rubble

  • perfect for coral frags
  • for installation in a biotope and sump
  • for application as a pond filter medium
  • for African Cichlids
22,90 €

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Manufacturers recommended retail price: 22,90 €

Paradise for denitrifying and nitrifying bacteria

Enjoy the perfect living environments made possible by Rubble Zone.
You can create a paradise for denitrifying and nitrifying bacteria in your saltwater aquarium and give small benthic animals such as copepods and small decapods a home.

The high quality calcium carbonate of fist-sized aragonite is perfect for coral trays or as part of the set-up in a biotope for jaw or lion fish. You can use it to create zones for the special needs of different species (copepods, etc.).

Promotes the growth of sponges and invertebrates

The larger pores created between the calcium carbonate pieces promote the growth of sponges that clean the water and also those of larger invertebrates such as shrimps, worms and snake stars. The only limit of use is your imagination!

Also suitable for fresh water aquariums and ponds

You can also use Rubble Zone in fresh water, in a biotope for African cichlids, or in a pond as a filter medium.


CaribSea rocks are packed loosely in cardboard boxes. This means that in case of parcel shipment (e.g. DHL, UPS, FedEx, Hermes, etc.) the rocks may break or parts may chip off. This depends on how the shipping service provider handles the parcels. This is part of the shipping process for rocks and is therefore not a reason for complaint. If you do not want the rocks to be transported in this way, please order the rocks from your dealer with pallet shipping. This is more expensive, but ensures that the boxes are better secured during transport.