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CaribSea Phos-Buster Pro

CaribSea Phos-Buster Pro
CaribSea Phos-Buster Pro
CaribSea Phos-Buster Pro

For the removal of Phosphates

  • for marine and freshwater aquaria
  • required result within 72 hours
  • can be used monthly as prophylaxis
  • Manufacturer:CaribSea
  • Item number:V16212
starting from 11,45 €

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Price before: 22,90 €

Recommended retail price: 22,90 €

You save 50%, that is 11,45 €

PhosBuster Pro™ has a unique patent pending formula that removes dissolved phosphates in minutes instead of days. It's safe for all reef tanks, saltwater, and freshwater aquariums of all sorts.

Each 237 ml bottle removes at least 1.5 ppm in up to 946 L of water! No more fiddling with filter bags or special reactors. Just dose it and forget about your phosphate problem. PhosBuster Pro™ may be used regularly as part of a preventative maintenance program.

Before using Phos-Buster Pro™, measure the pH value (min. 8.2) and KH value (min. 9-10). Do not use Phos-Buster Pro™ if the phosphate level is below 0.1 mg or if the value should not drop below 0.1 mg. If the phosphate level is above 5 mg, first dose half of it and add the second half after at least 24 hours.

Do not use Phos-Buster Pro™ until the end of the lighting phase.

Dose one cap (5 ml) onto 38 l of aquarium water. Each application removes 1.0 mg phosphate. To remove smaller amounts of phosphate, please reduce the dosage accordingly.

For rapid allocation, place the dosage in your technical tank, near the outlet of a flow pump or other high flow location. A short-term turbidity of the water is normal. The required result should be achieved within 72 hours - depending on the phosphate level. If phosphate depots have been formed, it may take longer before the phosphate level is measurably reduced.

Keep all filters running during this period and then replace or rinse your filters. Test the water again for its phosphate concentration and repeat the application if necessary.

If there are a lot of lubricating algae in the pool, first remove as much of it as possible.

CaribSea Phos-Buster Pro™ can be used monthly as a prophylactic. Dose 5 ml per 76 litres of water.

Due to the complexity of the different methods and techniques of aquarium care, neither manufacturer, distributor nor retailer are liable for the use of the product.

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