CaribSea Eco-Complete Planted Schwarz 9,07 kg

CaribSea Eco-Complete Planted Schwarz 9,07 kg
CaribSea Eco-Complete Planted Schwarz 9,07 kg

Substantial Live Sand for Plant Aquariums

  • ideal substrate for plant aquariums
  • for healthy plants and roots
  • for bacteriological efficiency
  • spherical for optimum diffusion behaviour
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Macroporosity for healthy roots

CaribSea EcoComplete™ is a live sand with a biologically and minerally complete composition. EcoComplete™ Planted Aquarium Substrates contain all the mineral nutrients necessary for luxuriant plant growth without disturbing algae growth. Its unsurpassed macroporosity ensures healthy roots and bacteriological efficiency. The running-in phase of new aquariums is shortened. The substrate provides calcium and does not raise pH or carbonate hardness even with long-term use. The spherical grain size ensures optimum diffusion behaviour.

Essential nutrients for plant growth

The secret of CaribSea EcoComplete™ lies in the substantial volcanic soil, which contains iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulphur and over 25 other elements that provide your aquarium plants with nutrients. The substrate contains Floraspore™ symbionts that activate the boundary surface between roots and substrate, helping plants to absorb minerals; for healthier roots and therefore healthier plants. The iron-rich EcoComplete™ makes laterite superfluous. The substrate is free of lead, nitrate and carbonates. No artificial dyes or chemical coatings are used here.

Running-in phase significantly reduced

The live sand contains living heterotrophic bacteria that convert the excrements of the fish very quickly into natural plant nutrients. The rounded granules of EcoComplete™ are extremely porous and therefore provide optimal water flow. After a short time, a natural, stable biological balance is established. The running-in phase of a new set up is shortened significantly.

Maximum biological capacity

EcoComplete™ is packed in a stabilized Liquid Amazon black water solution to create organic water conditions as quickly as possible. One pack of EcoComplete™ Planted Aquarium Substrate is four times more productive than the surface you get with regular Substrate.

Weight: 9,07 kg
Grain Size: 1 - 7 mm