CaribSea ARM extra coarse

CaribSea ARM extra coarse

Calcium reactor media of pure aragonite

  • enriched with essential trace elements
  • designed for immediate use
  • high solubility - CO2 consumption significantly reduced
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CaribSea ARM Extra Coarse is a natural calcium reactor media which contains not only calcium and carbonate but also essential trace elements.

CaribSea ARM has approximately 50 times the amount of strontium (7,390 ppm) compared to other manufacturers. ARM is designed for immediate use and rinsing is not necessary. An aragonite so pure that it matches the laboratory standard.

CaribSea ARM has the highest solubility of all calcium reactor media (metastability at 8.2), therefore the CO2 consumption is significantly reduced compared to other products.

Calcium: 381.000 ppm
Carbonate: 590.000 ppm
Strontium: 7.390 ppm
Strontium: 1.050 ppm
Potassium: 56 ppm

About 70 Pounds per cubic foot - Available in 5,4 kg and 22,68 kg