INVE O.range Start 1/2 10 kg

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Particle size: 0.1 - 0.2 mm

Part of the ultimate hatchery feed line, O.range START is a nutricious diet that supports the larval development during the first 25 days.

O.range is the ultimate hatchery feed line formulated with only top quality ingredients specifically for fish larvae. It is a micro-particulated product which is free of dust and which does not leach when thrown into the water. It is made of only the best marine proteins and contains adequate n-3 HUFA and DHA/EPA levels.
Because it represents a complete feed line, O.range offers a flexible choice between size and formulation, with homogeneous particle distribution in every size. It represents a nutritional strategy consisting of 3 formulation blocks (small, large and extra large) that are perfectly compatible and integrated in one master feed line with 4 different sizes.
Each block contains specific ingredients to go with the age of the larvae, post larvae and fry:
O.range START
Especially designed to support the larval development during the first 25 fragile days. The feed features all characteristics that are normally associated with live feed and is developed to initiate fish larvae to artificial feeds while making sure the delicate rearing environment is not disturbed.
O.range WEAN
A perfectly balanced diet that can also be used as a partial Artemia substitute in the early weaning of marine fish larvae (age up to 45 days).
O.range GROW
Formulated to improve the health and resistance of the young post-larvae, offering high digestible energy to support the exponential growth. The inclusion of a dietary health supplement fortifies the diet and stimulates the frys immune system.
O.range NURSE
An easy and highly professional diet that represents a natural feed transition to the pre-ongrowing and ongrowing stages. Free of dust and with optimal nutritional properties, O.range Nurse is certainly more than just a nursery feed.

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