FishGuard 6-12 mm Glas

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Bananaquarium Product no.: 150883

Bananaquarium Fishguard - The Aquarium Jump Guard You Can Count On

Rimless aquariums look great, they're aesthetically appealing and crystal clear but there's just one problem, there's nothing stopping your fish from jumping out. How many times have you come home only to find a poor fish on the floor? If the answer is anything more than none then you need the Bananaquarium Fishguard!

Unrivaled, Unique & One Of A Kind

At Bananaquarium, we wanted to design a fish guard you could count on to keep your fish safe without ruining the aesthetics of your rimless aquariums - so we did. This aquarium jump guard is truly one of a kind and provides you with a simple, reliable and affordable way to make sure that your fish stay safely inside the tank while keeping the costs down! It doesn't get lit by any LED lights you have above your fish tank which ensures an authentic and natural look.

Invisible & Aesthetically Appealing

Don't want to ruin the aesthetics of your rimless aquarium? We hear you loud and clear which is why we've taken the time to carefully design this sleek, invisible fish tank cover netting. Bananaquarium Fishguard will safely keep all your fish inside without impacting the look or feel of your tank so that you can enjoy your aquarium in all its beauty!

Made Just For You!

What makes our fish tank jump guard so special? Simple, we made with you in mind! We designed Bananaquarium Fishguard with the extensive feedback we got from our users to make sure it has everything you've ever wanted from a Fishguard and more.

Simpler is Always Better

We designed this fish jump guard to make your life easier, not harder. So why should you have to worry about installing or maintaining it? Well, here's the thing, you don't! Bananaquarium Fishguard is super easy to install and comes with a full instruction manual to make sure you can get it set up in less than 5 minutes on your own. The best is that once it's installed, you'll never have to remove it ever again!

Fishguard Specs

Below we have included an important selection of product features. Important that you know what you can expect.

Our product is universal: It fits most square aquariums available in the market. The glass thicknesses that are suitable for the Fishguard: 6 mm | 8mm | 10mm |12mm

It fits most red sea reefers, (except for the 450 model because of the 15mm glass), diamonds and aquamedic aquariums.

- Aquarium requirements to fit the Fishguard:

    - Must contain 4 x a 90 degree corner

    - Glass thickness (or a combination) of: 6 mm | 8mm | 10mm |12mm

- Suitable for type of aquarium:

    - Freshwater

    - Saltwater

    - Brackish water

- Prevents fish from jumping out of the aquarium*

- Requires no maintenance after installation

- Best price: quality ratio

- Clean look, straight design

- Great solution for aquarium cable management!

- Mesh included: 5 meters (enough for all tanks with up to 12mm glass)

- Installation manual included

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