Prodibio Pure Ocean Salt 25 kg Bucket with 15 x Probiotix


Pure Ocean has been developed by Prodibio to suit all types of marine biotopes (fish, invertebrates, soft corals and hard SPS/LPS corals).
It is constituted of a base of natural, refined salt that is stable and controlled in terms of composition and quality.
Pure Ocean is further enriched with trace elements and mineral salts of very high purity.Pure Ocean encourages the rapid growth of living organisms in the aquarium.

Directions for use:
dissolve by stirring into fresh water that has been dechlorinated beforehand. The quantity of Pure Ocean required depends on the aquarium biotope
(fish, invertebrates, soft corals and hard corals). As Pure Ocean is rich in calcium, it is preferable to use water with a low level of hardness in order to avoid any risk of precipitation.
For dosages, refer to the table opposite.

If necessary, adjust the salinity level of the salt water by adding more Pure Ocean to increase it, or more fresh, dechlorinated water to lower it.

If this if the first time the aquarium is being filled, please ensure that the Pure Ocean is completely dissolved before adding any living organisms into the aquarium.
For water changes, prepare the new salt water in a separate container, and add it to the aquarium after Pure Ocean has been completely dissolved.

Then, in order to ensure the optimal quality of the aquarium water, offset evaporation on a regular basis by using fresh, dechlorinated water,
and replace 20% to 25% of the aquarium's volume of water every 15 days using salt water prepared as explained above.

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