Nyos LPS Power 60 ml/35 gr

Nyos LPS Power 60 ml/35 gr

18,90 EUR

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Nyos Product no.: 16670
EAN: 4260246922122

Valuable nutrients give the corals additional strength and ensure improved colours and greatly accelerated growth (size 1.2-1.8mm). Nyos® LPS POWER meets the strict standards of the EC ecological regulation and is certified with the official German state organic seal. The high-quality and unadulterated organic ingredients are especially rich for LPS corals and at the same time gentle

• Specially adapted for LPS corals such as acanthastrea, scolymia, etc.
• Improved colours, accelerated growth and vitality
• 100% certified organic under the EC ecological regulation
• Raw materials from organic production
• Guaranteed free of colourants, pesticides and genetic technology
• Granulate size M (1.2-1.8mm)

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