Nyos Calcium+ 4000 gr

In a saltwater aquarium, hard corals and other marine creatures permanently use calcium, magnesium and alkalinity (carbonate hardness). The three Nyos® PLUS Salts CALCIUM+, MAGNESIUM+ and ALKALINITY+ allow the balancing out of this use, keeping the values constantly at a natural level.
- High purity salts with no organic impurities
- Quick and easy way to adjust your alkalinity, calcium and magnesium level
- Ideal for any 2 part dosing system

The daily consumption of calcium, magnesium and alkalinity can be detected by means of test kits. At the same time, stock solutions are started with Nyos® CALCIUM+, MAGNESIUM+ and ALKALINITY+
according to a recipe. The regular addition of these stock solutions balances the consumption simply and reliably.

For our products Nyos® CALCIUM+, MAGNESIUM+ and ALKALINITY+ we use only highly concentrated salts of the greatest purity. Our salts do not contain any organic impurities or other undesirable additives.

An adjustment of the values with Nyos® PLUS Salts can be measured after only a short time following application. Clearly indicated concentrations and illustrative tables make the addition intuitive and also understandable for beginners

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