CaribSea LifeRock Arch 9,07 kg

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Ecological aquascaping made easy

Replicate the live rock effect in your aquarium with Life Rocks by CaribSea: created from real ancient marine rocks, Life Rocks are a natural biological filter that works to denitrify any closed marine environment and keep the water clean and stable. They are environmentally friendly and help to mature your aquarium in no time at all.

  • Made from real aragonitic base rock
  • Deep micro- and macrostructures
  • Help aquariums to mature quickly
  • Infused with dormant bacteria
  • Environmental friendly live rock

Unique in every way

Made from real aragonite base rock, Life Rocks are sourced from fossil reef sections that have dried out naturally, meaning that no two pieces are the same. Once harvested, they are coloured with special pigments to simulate the appearance of live rock encrusted in coralline algae and to match any underwater landscape.

An optimal marine environment

In comparison to manmade and sculptured rocks, Life Rocks contain a network of deep micro- and macro-structures that replicate the exact conditions found in a natural marine environment. This extensive surface area allows essential denitrifying bacteria to thrive, which creates a cleaner aquarium with consistent water parameters.

Maturity in record time

Life Rocks help to build up a thriving colony of micro-flora and micro-fauna and create a mature marine environment much quicker than artificial methods or other products. This keeps tank maintenance, nitrogen cycle fluctuations and the risk of disease for marine life to a minimum.

The sustainable alternative to live rock

As a natural filter, live rock is highly sought-after by aquarium hobbyists. The problem is that with demand outstripping supply, live rock is sometimes mined from living coral, which can be extremely destructive. By contrast, Life Rocks are sourced from a sustainable environment via a method that has zero impact on underwater ecosystems. They contain no silicon and the pigments used are selected for their non-toxic properties, making them 100% safe for all marine life.

A helping hand to kick-start the process

Life Rocks are pre-infused with bacteria that lay dormant until the rocks are placed in the aquarium, which allows for dry transportation and storage. Once activated, the bacteria work to bring the ammonia levels in the water down to zero. The result is a living, breathing reef that creates the perfect microclimate for marine life.

Product information

Available in a range of shapes and sizes, Life Rocks meet all your aquascaping needs. Life Rock Original, for example, is a versatile product that can be placed or stacked in simple and complex configurations for outstanding biological filtration. Shelf Rock enables you to create spectacular caves and ledges, while Belize Branches mimic the look of stony reefs. The XL Arch, Shapes, Mega Arch and Mega Cave are perfect for creating decorative and functional landscapes in larger aquariums. Life Rocks can even be broken up and added to a refugium, sump or overflow for extra filtration.

1 box with 9,07 kg, 4x arches per box

*The unusual shapes of Life Rock Shapes, Arch, XL Arch, Mega Cave und Life Rock Branches are achieved by modelling natural stone.

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