Spectrapure Mega-MaxCap DI-MMC-CI-10HC Color Indicating

Spectrapure Mega-MaxCap DI-MMC-CI-10HC Color Indicating

59,90 EUR

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Spectrapure Product no.: 150171

MaxCap DI Cartridge - Color-Indicating SuperDI 10-inch - DI-MC-10HC

SpectraPure's MaxCap DI Replacement Cartridge are the Heart of the MaxCap Series of Products.

When placed ahead of your existing DI cartridge, the life of your downstream DI cartridges will increase

by four times or more - Lower your DI production costs by over half.

And now, SuperDI MaxCap DI Cartridge have even greater capacity than our standard-shell cartridges!

  • Now with 100% more capacity than our standard MaxCap DI cartridge
  • Color changes to show remaining capacity and cartridge exhaustion
  • 4 times the removal efficiency of conventional Mixed-Bed and Hi-Silica cartridges
  • Proprietary High Flow, Low Pressure Drop cartridge produces more gallons per day!
  • Designed to be used in front of a Mixed-Bed or SilicaBuster DI cartridge
  • Removes most ionized impurities
  • Removes ammonia that is left by water sources that contain chloramines.
  • Aluminized packaging eliminates resin degradation during storage.
  • Super DI Cartridges fit inside both standard and slimline 10 inch filter housings
  • Interchangeable with most other residential or aquarium DI or RO/DI systems


Spectrapure does not recommend drinking water produced from deionization (DI) as DI resins are typically not made of food grade approved material.

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