Aqua Connect CYANO remove 300 gr

Remove cyanobacteria biologically. CYANO remove is a natural product and does not contain antibiotics.

In the event of acute infestation:
Add 1-3g CYANO remove per 100l saltwater, depending on the nutrient load. Continue with a day-to-day application, until the cyano deposits are significantly reduced.

Preventive measures:
Add 1g CYANO remove per 100l saltwater.

Weekly application:
Dissolve the appropriate quantity CYANO remove in about 1l saltwater and add it directly into the flow.

Important note:
A protein skimmer is required. Do not overdose. Note the nitrate and pH levels, the application could cause decrease of these values. If anemones are present or your tank is nutrient-poor, half the dosage is recommended. If the nitrate and phosphate values should be zero, we would advise against an application. Nutrient limitation could arise.

CYANOremove is unfit for human consumption.
Keep out of reach of children.

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