Easy Reefs easyLPS 30 30 gr

EasyLPS - feed the unexpected

EasyLPS is a mixture of zooplankton and marine microalgae designed for the specific nutrition of LPS corals. The perfect combination of ingredients and the size of 800µm ensure optimal digestibility and capture capacity for most LPS corals.

Indicated for corals such as Acanthastrea, Favia, Caulastrea, Scolymia, Cynarina, Tubastrea, etc.

  • Premium food for LPS corals.
  • Rich in proteins and essential fatty acids of marine origin.
  • Made with freeze-dried Palaemonetes variants from our Veta La Palma fisheries.
  • It also includes microalgae selected for their functional characteristics*.
  • The 800µm granules allow a correct capture and digestion.

Vigour, growth, color, and reproduction, with EasyLPS is possible.


Feed the coral on alternate days, preferably during the aquariums night period. Hydrate the granules for 2 minutes with water from the aquarium. Use this water to stimulate the opening of the coral. Use a pipette to deposit 2-4 granules on the oral disc of the polyp.


1. Tetraselmis chuii for its high antioxidant content Superoxide Dismutase, Catalase and Glutathione Peroxidase.
2. Phaeodactylum tricornutum for its high content of the essential fatty acids EPA and ARA and beta-glucans that enhance the immune system of corals.
3. Isochrysis galbana for its lipid profile rich in essential fatty acids DHA.

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