apogee instruments

Apogee AM-320 Seawater submersible Sensor Wand

Seawater submersible Sensor Wand

from 78,60 EUR

Apogee Instruments AC-100 Data Transfer Cable

Data Transfer Cable for MQ-200

from 97,00 EUR

Apogee Instruments AL-100 Sensor Levelling Plate

 This leveling plate is designed for use with all solar radiation sensors made by Apogee 

from 57,90 EUR

Apogee Instruments MQ-210 Underwater PAR/Quantum-Meter

The MQ-210 quantum meter is designed for underwater PAR measurements

from 499,00 EUR

Apogee Quantum Meter MQ-100

PAR / Quantum Meter with sensor build in.

from 399,00 EUR