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beta acuarios Basic 180 Black 540 L Float Glass

beta acuarios Basic 180 Black 540 L Float Glass
beta acuarios Basic 180 Black 540 L Float Glass

beta acuarios Basic Aquarium tank

  • excellent price-performance ratio
  • extra large tanks with 200 - 600 liters capacity
  • additional reinforcement for more safety and easy routing of cables
  • made of Float Glass with a 10 mm thickness
424,90 €

including 19% VAT ,

Recommended retail price: 607,00 €

You save 30%, that is 182,10 €

Amazingly spacious and versatile aquarium

The Basic series offers high quality, large aquariums at an affordable price. With a capacity of 200 - 600 liters, you have plenty of room to create expansive aquatic landscapes. The aquariums of the Basic series score with an extremely high stability and an excellent price-performance ratio.

Not only large - safe and practical at the same time

The aquariums of the Basic series are made of high-quality white glass with a thickness of 6 - 10 mm and glued with black silicone. To ensure that you can enjoy your aquascape without worries, a reinforcing strap at the top gives the tank additional strength. Side cuts in the glass lid allow cables to pass through easily.

The perfect space for your water world

Innovation and quality awareness, tradition and attention to detail are the basis of all beta acuarios products. Decades of experience in aquarium design and manufacturing go into their range of well thought out and coordinated solutions. Each beta acuarios product shows the unique combination of materials, technology and craftsmanship. A deep understanding of the needs of aquarium inhabitants and their owners shapes all their products. This makes beta an emerging brand in the world of aquariums.

Elegance and clean lines for breathtaking aquatic worlds

Beta's passion is understated and highly functional aquariums that bring your creativity and vision to the forefront. Clean, understated lines and a simple, elegant design define their aquariums and make them virtually invisible. They also break new ground in lighting solutions, designing and producing timeless designs that don't have to hide behind bulky covers. Pools and lighting form an overall picture and a perfect space in which you can bring your water world to life.

Designed with attention to detail and high standards

When Beta designs and manufactures their aquariums, they strive for the best possible results. They are guided by the individual requirements of their different customer groups. Starting with the youngest to the absolute professional, they offer the right equipment for every aquarist. In appearance, quality and functionality Beta's products meet even the highest demands.

Technology and quality you can rely on

In production, Beta combines the best of craftsmanship with the highest level of industrial technology. This creates the quality you can rely on. They use the best glass on the market and a glass thickness that is higher than required by the current safety standard. Each edge is polished and each tank is glued by hand with special acetic curing silicones of the highest quality. The aquariums have great tensile strength, elongation at break of more than 350% and high resistance to pressure. This is not only Beta's promise of quality. They give you a 3-year warranty on their products against water leaks. See for yourself.


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Dimensions (LxWxH): 180 x 50 x 60 cm
Glass Thickness: 10 mm
Volume: 540 l
Colour: black
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