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aqua connect PHYTOstabil 30 g

aqua connect PHYTOstabil 30 g

Concentrated food for phytoplankton culture

  • equivalent to "Enriched Seawater Medium f/2"
  • contains important trace elements
  • for the preparation of culture medium
13,95 €

including 19% VAT ,

Recommended retail price: 13,95 €

PHYTOstabil is a salt mixture specially produced for seawater aquaristics, which provides optimal provides culture conditions for marine phytoplankton (micro suspension algae).

The microalgae in PHYTOstabil containing plant nutrients nitrogen (as nitrate), phosphorus (as phosphate) and iron are standardized according to the standard used in scientific and industrial phytoplankton breeding used "Enriched Seawater Medium f/2".  Furthermore PHYTOstabil supplies your phytoplankton culture with important trace elements such as manganese, molybdenum, and copper, as well as vitamins and selected amino acids, which phytoplankton algae for fast and healthy growth.

Since the main nutritional elements nitrogen, phosphorus and iron are present in a ratio, the cultivated algae continuously consume these nutrients. This ensures (in contrast to the flower fertilizer) that only small amounts of nitrate and phosphate remain in the culture medium. Correspondingly, with optimal phytoplankton density in the culture vessel, the medium can be used to feed azooxanthellate corals and other filtering agents (e.g. sponges, hairy stars, sea squirts) directly can be dosed into the aquarium, without the phosphate content in the saltwater aquarium in particular is rising uncontrollably.

Of course PHYTOstabil is also suitable for the culture of phytoplankton (such as Nanochloropsis marina) as basic food for zooplankton (such as the rotifarian Brachionus plicatilis), which in turn is used in the fish farming is applied.

Since ready-mixed culture media in liquid form require high sterility requirements in order to prevent the undesired growth of bacteria and fungi in opened bottles, is PHYTOstabil was developed as a salt mixture. Therefore, adapted to the individual fresh culture medium can be prepared at any time. This enables the following with opened packs a significantly longer shelf life than with ready-made culture media.

The 'PHYTOstabil' salt mixture is mixed with commercially available, conventional synthetic sea salt to produce the f/2 culture medium. For this purpose, 2 g (2 ladles) PHYTOstabil is mixed with approx. 60 g per litre of medium to be produced (for a salinity of 30%, for lower or higher salinities weigh out correspondingly less or more salt).

This sea salt mixture enriched with nutrient salts can now be dissolved in the desired water volume of 500 ml - ideally in osmosis water. The f/2 culture medium is ready, and within twelve hours the medium can be inoculated with phytoplankton. Under good lighting and aeration (ideally also CO2 fertilization), a phytostable/sea salt solution inoculated with Nanochloropsis marina, for example, will develop into an increasingly greener culture within a few days.

The phytoplankton density is optimal when the green colouration (in green algae culture) does not increase in intensity. The algae have the nutrients in the medium used up and now stop growing and should be used within 48 hours will be. For continuous growth, half of the medium should be used with optimum algae density. be replaced by fresh medium. Thus phytoplankton can be easily and conveniently transformed into of a permanent crop.

Sodium nitrate
Sodium dihydrogen phosphate Monohydrate
Copper sulphate pentahydrate
Zinc sulphate heptahydrate
Cobalt chloride hexahydrate
Manganese chloride tetrahydrate
Sodium molybdate dihydrade
Iron(III) chloride hexahydrate
Ethylendiaminetetraacetic acid
Disodium salt (Na-EDTA)

The vitamins in Phytostabil require permanent cooling. Phytostabil should therefore be stored in the dark at 4 - 8° C. Keep away from food and drinking water. Not suitable for human consumption. Please use the 500 ml bottle with the childproof cap. Keep out of the reach of children.

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