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aqua connect NITRA remove 1+2

aqua connect NITRA remove 1+2

Biological nitrate removal

  • 2 part system
  • shortens the cycle process for new aquariums
  • easy to dose
starting from 32,80 €

including 19% VAT ,

Recommended retail price: 32,80 €

NITRAremove 1 is a granulate for the safe removal of nitrate and phosphate with optical indication of saturation. NITRAremove is a 2-component complex for the safe removal of nitrate and phosphate in a biological way. It is also ideally suited for shortening the running-in phase in new aquariums.

NITRAremove 2 is an activator for the safe removal of nitrate and phosphate in a biological way.

Add the granulate NITRA remove 1 to your filter flow and start adding NITRA remove 2.

If the granules change their colour from white to brown/yellow, they are saturated and should be removed. Continue dosing NITRA remove 2 until the liquid is used up.

1 ml NITRA remove 2 per 100 l aquarium water.

In heavily burdened aquariums, the dosage can be increased every 3 days until the water becomes cloudy. Then stop the dosage until the water is clear again. Reduce the dosage slightly and continue until the desired value is reached.

Continue dosing NITRA remove 2 until the liquid is used up.

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