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Thermometer Wide Range

Thermometer Wide Range

Floating Thermometer

  • non-toxic thermometer liquid
  • attachment with suction cup
  • temperature scale in Celsius (0 - 50°C) & Fahrenheit ( 30 - 120°F)
  • for fresh and saltwater tanks
2,80 €

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Manufacturers recommended retail price: 2,80 €

Crystal Sea® Thermometers are made sturdy with clear glass for easy reading and durability.

For use in Tropical Aquariums and Holding Systems:

The safe temperature range for most tropical species is a range from 68°F (20°C) to 85°F (29°C), with 75°F (24°C) being the best average temperature for a mixed variety of species. Use a high quality heater to maintain constant temperature.

For use in Coldwater Aquariums and Holding Systems:

The proper temperature to maintain in these systems is highly dependent on the species and time of the year collected. If in doubt, check with your supplier. A high quality chiller may be necessary to maintain constant temperature.

Maintaining Proper Water Temperature for New and Existing Specimens:

Never subject new specimens to wide variances in temperature from their shipping container to their new aquarium/holding system, or temperarture shock may result. Gradually acclimate new specimens with the addition of small amounts of water from your system into their container until temperatures are relatively equal.

When making partial water changes, always be sure that the new water to be replaced is as close as possible in temperature to your aquarium or System.