Prodibio Probiotix

Prodibio Probiotix
Prodibio Probiotix

Probiotic bacteria for salt used in marine aquariums

  • works with every salt for marine aquariums
  • helps  to maintain biological balance with water changes
  • stabilizes biology and enriches the biodiversity
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Special probiotic bacterial mix

Regular 10% weekly water changes are strongly recommended for effective maintenance of a marine tank. These changes can generate imbalances in the bacterial population of the tank.
Too large volumes of water changed, thorough cleaning of the filtration, vacuumed floor, etc.

PROBIOTIX is a specific bacterial mix which compensates for this risk and limits imbalances. It enriches the biodiversity of the strains present and stimulates biological filtration.
Its regular use during each water change helps to maintain an adapted and functional bacterial flora in the filtration and in the tank.

PROBIOTIX can be used with all brands of sea salt on the market.

Probiotic = probiotics are substances produced by microorganisms that promote the growth of other microorganisms.

One ampoule treats 50 l aquarium water. Probiotix 6 = 300 L aquarium Probiotix 30 = 1.500 L aquarium
Do not leave within the reach of children.
PDF Prodibio Probiotix Datasheet
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