Prodibio Chloral Reset

Prodibio Chloral Reset
Prodibio Chloral Reset
Prodibio Chloral Reset

Aquarium water conditioner

  • neutralizes chlorine compounds of tap water
  • reduces stress of fish
  • gills & mucuous membranes are protected against parasites
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Protect your Aquarium from chlorine in tap water

he tap water used when filling up an aquarium or during water changes is usually harmful for the aquarium’s inhabitants. Water companies often add chlorine or choramines in the tap water to avoid the growth of pathogenic germs.

Chloral Reset protects the living organisms in the aquarium (plants, fish, corals, live rocks, useful bacteria for biofiltration...) from the action of the chlorinated compounds found in tap water. Chloral Reset is very concentrated and one vial will quickly render chlorine or chloramine treated water usable for an aquarium.

The specific formula of Chloral Reset is designed for the well-being of the fish. That is why it also contains biocolloids that will reduce the fish’s stress, as well as protecting their gills and mucous membranes against external parasitic agressions.

When starting a fresh or salt water aquarium, use Chloral Reset to prepare your tap water, then Start Up to quickly establish the biological filtration and ensure the best water quality.

When doing a water change, use Chloral Reset to prepare your tap water, then BioClean Fresh or BioClean Salt to maintain your biological filtration, which is crucial for running your aquarium smoothly.

Nano = 10 ml Chloral Reset Nano treat 40 L aquarium water Chloral Reset treat 80 L aquarium water Nano = 400 L Aquarium 100 = 800 L Aquarium 250 = 2.000 L Aquarium 500 = 5.000 L Aquarium
Do not leave within the reach of children.
PDF Prodibio Chloral Reset Datasheet