Prodibio BioDigest 6 Ampullen

Prodibio BioDigest 6 Ampullen

Living bacteria for biological filtration

  • effectively removes organic waste in the Aquarium
  • effectively prevents algae
  • easy and reliable dosing due to vials
  • suitable for fresh and sea water pools
  • Manufacturer:Prodibio
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  • Included:Box of 6 vials
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For a balanced nitrogen cycle in your aquarium

Even outstanding things can be improved and so Prodibio BioDigest now comes up with a new, improved recipe. With this modified composition of selected bacteria strains, you provide your aquarium with everything it needs for optimal biological filtration. By using Prodibio BioDigest, you create the ideal basis for magnificent corals in a saltwater aquarium, for lush plant growth in a freshwater tank and for healthy fish and molluscs in both types of tanks.

The effectiveness of a biological filtration product does not depend on the quantity of bacteria it contains. What is important is the ability of the bacteria to work effectively with strains of other bacteria species. Prodibio BioDigest contains only the most effective bacterial strains capable of breaking down harmful substances in your aquarium and complementing each other. Together, these bacterial strains create the basis for clear water, healthy corals and fish, and lush plants.

The complete nitrogen chain is completely broken down

Ammonium - the first stage of the nitrogen chain - is excreted by fish via the gills or is produced when dead biomass (plant parts, feed residues, etc.) rots. Prodibio BioDigest converts ammonium into nitrite, which then becomes nitrate and finally nitrogen. The nitrogen is released into the air via the water surface. With regular use, you will have a healthier aquarium as the pollutants have disappeared and you will enjoy clean water and stocking and planting that will feel clearly good and thrive magnificently.

All bacteria strains necessary for biological filtration are included

Prodibio BioDigest is highly concentrated and contains approximately 20 billion bacteria per vial. Without exception, all nitrifying and heterotrophic bacteria (including Nitrobacter winogradskyi and Paracoccus denitrificans) required for complex biological filtration in the aquarium are contained and have been carefully selected for their effectiveness. The nitrifying bacteria, in interaction with the heterotrophic bacteria, ensure the complete breakdown of the nitrogen chain and contribute significantly to denitrification.

Effectively remove organic waste in the aquarium

Proteins introduced into the aquarium cause organic pollution. During decomposition, proteins decompose into the toxic ammonia, among other things, and through further reduction become nitrite, which is also toxic. The bacterial strains contained in Prodibio BioDigest break down protein-containing organic waste into its chemical elements and decompose it in stages. This effectively prevents disease-causing organisms from finding nutrients in your aquarium.

Organic waste that is not disposed of has an unfavourable effect on the water values. They are always the basis and breeding ground for undesirable effects, such as (brush) algae. And of course, bacteria can develop in the mulm - which consists of organic waste - which weaken the resistance of your fish to diseases and are also not good for their appearance. Prodibio BioDigest contains exactly the bacteria that a healthy, clean and therefore beautiful aquarium needs.

Prevent algae without limiting the nutrients

Nitrifying and heterotrophic bacteria work hand in hand to clean the tank and water and to reduce nitrates and phosphates. In this way they effectively prevent the growth of algae without limiting the nutrients contained in the water.

Some of the bacterial strains in Prodibio BioDigest can use oxygen to form enzymes that reduce the nitrate present in the water. This effectively counteracts an excess of disease-causing organisms. The use of non-biological filter media carries the risk that important nutrients are not present in the required quantities. The natural balance of bacterial strains in Prodibio BioDigest eliminates this risk.

Easy and safe to use due to delivery in vials

Bottles or cans are often opened and closed several times. Thus, contamination is possible, for example, through contact of the (liquid) contents with oxygen. With Prodibio BioDigest this is impossible, as the glass vials are filled in a nitrogen atmosphere. This guarantees a very high shelf life without any loss of quality. The solution is as fresh as on the first day and any form of contamination or mixing is effectively prevented. Due to the exact dosage this solution is extremely economical to use.

Standard range: 1 vial BioDigest every 15 days

Why should the product be used every two weeks? - BioDigest is particularly effective in the first two weeks. The speed at which the bacteria develop differs from one strain to another. Biodigest guarantees optimal purification proportions for a fortnight. If you want to speed up the purification process, you should not increase doses but instead should use the product more frequently.

Included: Box of 6 vials

1. The effectiveness of Prodibio BioDigest is highest in the first two weeks after its introduction into the aquarium. If you wish to speed up the cleaning process, it is not necessary to increase the dose but it is recommended to use the product more often.

2. Due to production and transport, natural sedimentation may occur at the bottom of the cartridges. By shaking the vial before use, this deposit will come loose and the contents will become slightly milky. After opening the vial, a distinct odour will be released.

Both the deposit at the bottom of the vial and the odour released meet the high quality requirements and are no cause for concern.

PDF Prodibio BioDigest Datasheet
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