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Filter and Reactors


The Nyos TORQ is an innovative high performance system reactor in a modular design for all types of filter media.
  • Manufacturer:Nyos
  • Item number:156020
84,90 €

including 19% VAT ,

Recommended retail price: 84,90 €


Nyos TORQ Dock 


Product presentation at MACNA, USA

Product details

The problem: Filter media, are an essential part of maintaining good water quality in an aquarium.
They help remove excess pollutants and raise water quality. Often media are simply placed in filter bags,
this leads to channelling where all the media does not come into contact with the water.
Leaving its full capacity unused.

The solution: Nyos has developed the innovative TORQ system reactor as a simple and elegant solution
to the problem of aquarium filtration. The TORQ produces an even water flow throughout the chamber giving ideal
conditions for any choice of filter media.

The advantages: Modular: The Nyos TORQ is an innovative system reactor for all types of filter media.
The TORQ Dock is equipped with an integrated pump and constitutes the base unit. The Dock is equipped with a universal connector,
which allows TORQ reactor bodies of all available sizes to be inserted.

Frustration-free: With the Nyos TORQ, we have deliberately avoided screws, hoses and valves. Allowing,
filter media to be changed in seconds with ease and free of frustration.

Controllable: By turning the cap it is possible to seamlessly adjust and precisely control the flow with a hand,
without reaching into the water. The sophisticated controllability means the flow speed can be optimally set
to the type and amount needed by the respective filter medium.

High capacity: The pump in the TORQ Dock has a high maximum flow rate of up to 1.000 l/h (264 gph).
Allowing filter media to be optimally utilised and preventing channelling and inefficient use.

Two-in-one: One reactor, two media - In the TORQ bodies 1.0 and 2.0, it is possible to use two different filter media
at the same time by inserting a chamber separator.

Plug-and-play: The required pump is already included in the TORQ Dock.
Simply place the body with the medium on the Dock and insert. Done.

Specifications TORQ Dock
Dimensions (LxWxH)                          162x162x110 mm (6.4x6.4x4.3 in)
Flow max.                                           1.000 l/h (264 gph)
Wattage                                               12 W
Silicone Feet                                        Yes

Specifications TORQ Body 0.75
Volume                                                750 ml (25 fl oz)
Usage of two filter media                      No
Volume with chamber separator           -
Diameter                                              70 mm (2.75 in)
Filter foams included                            Yes
Height incl. Dock                                 47 cm (18.5 in)

Specifications TORQ Body 1.0
Volume                                             1000 ml (34 fl oz)
Usage of two filter media                    Yes
Volume with chamber separator         500 ml + 500ml (17 fl oz + 17 fl oz)
Diameter                                            70 mm (2.75 in)
Filter foams included                          Yes
Height incl. Dock                               53 cm (21 in)

Specifications TORQ Body 2.0
Volume                                             2000 ml (68 fl oz)
Usage of two filter media                   Yes
Volume with chamber separator         1000 ml + 1000 ml (34 fl oz + 34 fl oz)
Diameter                                           100 mm (4 in)
Filter foams included                          Yes
Height incl. Dock                               53 cm (81 in)

Dimensions (LxWxH): 16,2 x 16,2 x 11 cm
Flow Liter/Hour: 1.000
Power Consumption: 12 W
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