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Grotech Corall A

Grotech Corall A
Grotech Corall A

Trace element mix consisting of 3 individual products (A,B and C)

  • Corall A contains strontium, magnesium, barium and Lithium
  • Corall B contains magnesium, iron, chromium, manganese, nickel, cobalt, copper
  • Corall C contains fluorine, iodine, boron, molybdenum
  • Suitable for dosing pumps
  • free of colorants and preservatives
  • Manufacturer:Grotech
  • Item number:V1510205
starting from 18,49 €

including 19% VAT ,

Recommended retail price: 18,49 €

Trace elements for soft, leather and hard corals (SPS, LPS) in marine aquariums

Dosed in combination, Corall A, B and C contain all the necessary compounds and microelements to successfully maintain and propagate corals. They ensure enhanced coral growth, as well as their natural coloration and improved polyp appearance.

The trace elements are essential for the vital biological processes in the cells and promote a functioning and healthy organism.

To meet the individual needs of different reef aquariums, elements such as magnesium, calcium as well as carbonates should be dosed separately.

Already after the initial doses of Grotech trace elements an increased opening of coral polyps can be observed. Natural coloration and increased growth are clearly visible after a few weeks.

10 ml max. of the trace elements Corall A per week to 100 l of aquarium water.
Strontium, magnesium, barium and lithium
Do not mix Grotech trace elements Corall A, B and C in the measuring cup but add them separately to the aquarium. Occasionally, the color intensity of stony corals decreases after initial color success. Experience has shown that this is due to overdosing. If this effect occurs it is recommended to reduce the dosage to 30% of the last used amount. As soon as the colors return, the dosage of trace elements should be gradually increased until the optimal amount for your aquarium is found. Do not drink! Keep away from children! Avoid skin contact!
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