Full Moon Glow in the dark Sand 2,27 kg

Full Moon Glow in the dark Sand 2,27 kg

Calcium Sand that glows in the dark

  • 100% Calcium Carbonate
  • fine grade sand
  • unique look when lights are out
7,90 €

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Perfect sand to watch nightlife

Glow in the dark sand for reptiles will give you the night life you’ve been looking for! Full Moon glows in the dark, giving a unique look to desert reptile enclosures once the lights are out.

This low impact, fine grade sand is ideal for bearded dragons, adult leopard geckos, uromastyx, and other desert reptiles. Fun for scorpions and other arachnids too. It’s especially cool when combined with Moonlite Glo-Rocks, real fossil rocks that glow. Light up the night!