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EcoTech Marine Battery Backup

EcoTech Marine Battery Backup

Battery Backup for VorTech and Vectra pumps

  • continuous power supply
  • your aquarium inhabitants are protected in case of a power failure
  • automatically switches to battery operation
  • Manufacturer:Ecotech Marine
  • SKU:150810
  • Included:1x Battery, 1 x Power supply for charging & 2 x Fused Battery Backup cables
249,00 €

incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs

Manufacturers recommended retail price: 249,00 €

Continuous power supply for all VorTech pump models!

If the power and therefore the current in an aquarium fails, the inhabitants in that aquarium will die within 4 to 10 hours at the latest. The VorTech Battery Backup ensures that your precious aquarium inhabitants are protected in case of a power failure. There is no other product that detects a power failure, automatically switches to battery operation and protects you for an affordable price.

Battery runtimes
  • MP10 minimum 72 hours
  • MP40 minimum 36 hours
  • MP60 Minimum 20 hours
Dimensions (LxWxH):

22,9 x 17,8 x 8,3 cm


6 kg


18 Ah (ampere hours)

You will need the Battery Backup Booster for all Vectra pumps if you want to run the Battery Backup. If you connect a Vectra to a battery, you will not be able to connect other devices to the battery. You require one battery per Vectra pump. But you can run 2 VorTech pumps on one battery.

PDF Ecotech Marine Battery Backup Instructions
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