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Digistar 600e Watt EVG dimmable

Digistar 600e Watt EVG dimmable

Electronic ballast for professional use

  • high-frequency operating range
  • adjustable, soft dimming (60 sec.)
  • connections with 5 kV capacity
  • closed housing
  • very low heat emission & passive cooling
  • Manufacturer:Gavita
  • Item number:16146
235,00 €

including 19% VAT ,

Recommended retail price: 235,00 €

GAVITA DigiStar ballasts are designed to operate a wide range of high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps. They are manufactured using high quality components required for the high output frequency. The result is a very cool digital ballast with optimum output data, no acoustic resonance and a very long service life. The output power can be increased by up to 15 % (1,000 W model).

Digital ballasts have a number of advantages over conventional magnetic ballasts: They are more efficient, adjustable, generate less heat and provide a stable output voltage independent of the input voltage. With a magnetic ballast you will lose light when your mains voltage is not optimal.

High quality components are required to build a stable digital ballast. This is especially true if you want to achieve high frequencies to avoid acoustic resonances in your lamp, which can lead to premature lamp failure.

DigiStar ballasts are manufactured by using very high quality components. Therefore, this ballast produces a very high frequency, thus preventing acoustic resonance and generating very little heat. The DigiStar ECG is cooler and operates at a much higher frequency than comparable ballasts from leading brand manufacturers.

The DigiStars can be adjusted over a wide power range, so you can dim your lamp or increase its brightness. With a 10% increase for the 400 and 600 W models and a 15% increase for the 1000 W model, you are guaranteed the highest possible output power.

In order to achieve a long lamp life, we have built in soft dimming. If you change your output setting, it takes 60 seconds per step to complete the dimming or brightening process. This process is so gradual that the difference is not noticeable to the naked eye.

Multiple outputs allow you to operate different lamps with a single ballast: The 400 W model can be used for 250 W and 400 W lamps, the 600 W model for 400 and 600 W lamps, and the 1000 W model for 600 W and 1000 W lamps.

The built-in microprocessor ensures the highest possible output in any situation.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 365 x 184 x 110 cm
Weight: 3,1 kg
Peak Incrush Current: 230 V
Input Voltage: 2,81 A