CaribSea Seaflor Aruba Puka Shell Fine 19,96 kg

CaribSea Seaflor Aruba Puka Shell Fine 19,96 kg

Seashell Substrate for DSB Systems

  • complement to finer sands
  • helps to stabilize the pH value
  • completely free from impurities
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Ideal for burrowing Animals

The substrate Seaflor Puka Shell is a perfect complement to finer sands in reef aquariums where burrowing animals live. Jaw fish such as well diggers, blenny fish and digging crustaceans particularly appreciate this "building material".

pH Stabilizer & Complement for DSB Systems

This substrate is a perfect mussel substrate. It helps to stabilize the pH value. Aruba Shell can be used as a coloured complementary substrate for finer sands. Also suitable as 5 - 10% complement for DSB systems (Deep Sand Bed method) to stabilize the extremely fine sand required for a DSB system and to protect it from being blown away by strong currents.

Free of Impurities for a beautiful Biotope

Our substrates are specifically designed and are completely free of impurities such as ashes, metals, pesticides and silica. For a safe and beautiful biotope where your fish and invertebrates feel comfortable. Our reliably precise grain size makes the aquarium setup a breeze.

Grain Size:

3 - 6 mm