CaribSea Moani Shrooms 2 per box 9,07 kg

CaribSea Moani Shrooms 2 per box 9,07 kg

Aragonite rocks for forming pinnacles

  • natural, unique shapes
  • sustainably obtained stone
  • no bacteria coating
  • absolutely free from silicate
  • Manufacturer:CaribSea
  • SKU:150394
  • Included:1 box with 9,07 kg
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Pinnacles and plateaus are an eye-catcher in your saltwater aquarium

The Moani Dry Live Rock Shrooms allows you to create solitarily standing pinnacles or accentuated plateaus. In this way you can visually create the impression of a reef growing out of the bottom and offer the fish a large swimming space. The loose structure also ensures an optimum flow, which minimizes deposits. Compared to the LifeRocks, the Moani Dry Live Rock Shrooms have no additional bacterial coating and are therefore a favourable alternative to the LifeRocks. However, you can mix these stones ideally with reef rocks from the LifeRocks range.

Optimum living conditions - for unique reef tanks

The aragonite rock has grown within a functioning ecosystem. The high macro- and microporosity has developed naturally and provides exactly the structure that microorganisms and invertebrates are used to and need from nature. So a stable, colourful and healthy ecosystem from micro-organisms to shimmering fish is child's play!

No destruction of ecosystems - for the protection of nature

Even though only a few people say it out loud: the amount of living rocks available on the market exceeds the amount that can be legally extracted. Moani Dry Live Rocks are sustainably extracted and guaranteed without destroying existing ecosystems. Therefore the use of Moani Dry Live Rocks as an alternative to living rock is an active contribution to environmental protection.

Free of chemicals - clean and safe for invertebrates and fish

The extraction of Moani Dry Live Rocks from fossil reefs makes them perfect not only on the external appearance. Also their chemical and structural composition is natural. Moani Dry Live Rocks are absolutely free of silicates and therefore do not contain any other chemicals.

Included: 1 box with 9,07 kg
CaribSea rocks are packed loosely in cardboard boxes. This means that in case of parcel shipment (e.g. DHL, UPS, FedEx, Hermes, etc.) the rocks may break or parts may chip off. This depends on how the shipping service provider handles the parcels. This is part of the shipping process for rocks and is therefore not a reason for complaint. If you do not want the rocks to be transported in this way, please order the rocks from your dealer with pallet shipping. This is more expensive, but ensures that the boxes are better secured during transport.