CaribSea LifeRock Reef Tree Kit with Arches

CaribSea LifeRock Reef Tree Kit with Arches
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CaribSea LifeRock Reef Tree Kit with Arches
CaribSea LifeRock Reef Tree Kit with Arches
CaribSea LifeRock Reef Tree Kit with Arches
CaribSea LifeRock Reef Tree Kit with Arches
CaribSea LifeRock Reef Tree Kit with Arches
CaribSea LifeRock Reef Tree Kit with Arches
CaribSea LifeRock Reef Tree Kit with Arches
CaribSea LifeRock Reef Tree Kit with Arches

Aragonite reef rocks with seawater bacteria

  • natural, unique shapes
  • sustainably obtained Stone
  • with living, spore-forming Bacteria
  • absolutely free from silicate
  • Manufacturer:CaribSea
  • SKU:150396
  • Included:4 larger base rocks, 3 smaller rocks and one plastic rod. Weight is about 13 - 16 kg per box.
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Shortened cycling - long-term stable microclimate

Until now there was no alternative to the live rock. Then came the LifeRocks from CaribSea. Fossil aragonite rock with a bacterial coating that shortens the cycling even compared to live rock and creates a long-term stable microclimate. And all this without ecological concerns, with a lower nutrient load and an incredible freedom of design. CaribSea LifeRock Originals are left in the shape and size as they occur in nature. This unique variety of shapes means you will find exactly the stones you need for your individual reef construction. For example, the rocks can serve as a base, supplement or stabilize arches. Furthermore, you can combine the rocks with suitable composites to create your own creations and shapes.

Each rock is unique - for individual construction

The LifeRocks of CaribSea are aragonite rocks of fossil origin, which are extracted from dry reefs. Formed by nature, no stone is like the other. Every single one captivates by its very own character. This makes LifeRocks ideal for building spectacular and individual reef Aquariums.

No destruction of ecosystems - for the protection of nature

Even though few people say it out loud: the amount of live rock available on the market exceeds the amount that can be legally extracted. LifeRocks are extracted sustainably and guaranteed without destroying existing ecosystems. Therefore the use of CaribSea LifeRocks as an alternative to live rock is an active contribution to environmental protection.

Microcosm inclusive - for an active ecosystem

LifeRocks are coated with a reddish bacterial film. This gives them the appearance of live rock with a calcareous red algae coating. More importantly, however, LifeRocks become revitalized live rock through the bacterial coating. The biofilm, which consists of permanent stages of different bacterial strains, enables transport and storage in a dry state. Aquascaping also offers completely new design possibilities: You can fully concentrate on the construction without having to take care that the stones do not dry out.

As soon as the LifeRocks have arrived in the water, they come to life. This makes them more than just a visual eye-catcher for fascinating reefs - they are a reef that lives and filters and offers invertebrates, corals and fish the optimal microclimate. The cycling period can even be shortened in comparison to live rock! And all this without any uninvited guests. This makes the LifeRocks of CaribSea not only optically an alternative to live rock, but also functional!

No trace of chemicals - clean and safe for invertebrates, corals and fish

The extraction of LifeRocks from fossil reefs makes them perfect not only on the outside. Their chemical and structural composition is also natural. LifeRocks are absolutely silicate-free and do not bring any other chemical surprises into the water. In comparison to live rock they also show a lower nutrient load!

Optimal habitat conditions - for unique reef aquariums

The aragonite rock has grown within a functioning ecosystem. The high macro- and microporosity has developed naturally and provides exactly the structure that microorganisms and invertebrates are used to and need from nature. This makes a stable, colourful and healthy ecosystem from microorganisms to shimmering fish a breeze!

A helping hand to kick-start the process

LifeRocks are pre-infused with bacteria that lay dormant until the rocks are placed in the aquarium, which allows for dry transportation and storage. Once activated, the bacteria work to bring the ammonia levels in the water down to zero. The result is a living, breathing reef that creates the perfect microclimate for marine life.

Product information

Available in a range of shapes and sizes, LifeRocks meet all your aquascaping needs. LifeRock Original, for example, is a versatile product that can be placed or stacked in simple and complex configurations for outstanding biological filtration. Shelf Rock and Arches enable you to create spectacular caves, ledges and arches, while Belize Branches mimic the look of stony reefs. The LifeRock Shapes, Arch, XL Arch, Mega Arch and MegaCave provide you and your animals with arches, rings and tunnels that optimally recreate natural Habitats. Life Rocks can even be broken up and added to a refugium, sump or overflow for extra filtration.

CaribSea Reef Tree Kit Instructions

Hello fellow aquarist and thank you for purchasing the Reef Tree. In just seconds you will be able to safely assemble an incredible reef structure, one that until now would have taken hours or even days. It is customizable too. No one else will have a sculpture exactly like yours. So get ready to:

"Build Your Ocean!"

First take out all the components in your box and carefully unwrap them from their protective coverings. You will have:

  • 3 arch shaped pieces, each with 3 holes
  • 1 base piece that is flat on one side with a single hole drilled through the approximate center
  • 1 fiber reinforced rod

We recommend building your structure outside of your aquarium first in order to try out different configurations.

Place the base piece on a flat surface and insert the rod all the way to the bottom of the hole. Now carefully slide the arches over the rod in the preferred hole according to your own design. To create a realistic helical coral tree design slide the pieces on with the concave side facing upwards. We will often place the bottom arch through the middle hole but it is not necessary and remember, the unused holes are available for the easy placement of frags. Also note that you can place a convex piece over a concave piece to create a cave.

You may try different designs before settling on that one showstopper. When you have decided on your personal configuration you may have some of the support rod above your sculpture. If you want, you can mark where it protrudes from your design for later removal or you may simply hide it with a living invertebrate or rock chip**.

Next you will want to disassemble your sculpture noting the pieces in sequence and configuration. A sketch or photographs from you cell phone can help. One disassembled, you can trim the support rod to your ideal length with a hacksaw.

The base piece is required to be placed on the bottom of the aquarium for stability. Do not place it on top of sand or rubble or another rock (or rocks)!

Now simply re-assemble in your aquarium (carefully I) piece by piece.


**If you have any rod showing after building your reef tree, use the extra „donut“ shaped LifeRock included to help hide that last little bit!



Included: 4 larger base rocks, 3 smaller rocks and one plastic rod. Weight is about 13 - 16 kg per box.

The weight varies between 13 and 16 kg because they are natural rocks. Therefore, the weight is not identical throughout.

CaribSea rocks are packed loosely in cardboard boxes. This means that in case of parcel shipment (e.g. DHL, UPS, FedEx, Hermes, etc.) the rocks may break or parts may chip off. This depends on how the shipping service provider handles the parcels. This is part of the shipping process for rocks and is therefore not a reason for complaint. If you do not want the rocks to be transported in this way, please order the rocks from your dealer with pallet shipping. This is more expensive, but ensures that the boxes are better secured during transport.

PDF CaribSea Reef Tree Instructions