CaribSea Aragamax Select 13,61kg

CaribSea Aragamax Select 13,61kg
CaribSea Aragamax Select 13,61kg

White Sand of Aragonite

  • beautifully fine, white substrate
  • free of impurities
  • combines absorption capacity with good porosity
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Beautiful appearance and impressive performance

CaribSea AragaMax™ Select is not only bright white sand in all its through and through, but also a decorative highlight and pure "miracle mineral" at the same time. The aragonite sand of CaribSea is a natural substrate of outstanding quality. With AragaMax™ Select you get the ideal substrate for reef construction with a classic aesthetic layer or for DSB substrates. Completely without chemical additives, the mineral properties of aragonite improve the functioning of your aquarium. The choice of different particle sizes offers you the desired freedom design ideal habitats for your animals. The admixture of other special grain sizes or types of sand, such as CaribSea Florida Crushed Coral FCC, opens up the infinite variety to recreate an authentic and  magnificent aquarium world.

From the ground up to a healthy reef aquarium

With aragonite sand from CaribSea you create the starting point for a healthy ecosystem in which aquarium inhabitants can develop in all their splendour.

Choose AragaMax™ in different shapes, particle sizes and grain sizes as you wish. The brilliant white aragonite sands are already of impressive beauty, and are also naturally effective for use in creating chemical stability in tanks. Substrates mixed with some larger pieces of reef sand and small clamshells recreate the typical "gravel/tide zone" of Caribbean reefs. Larger pieces increase the stability of tunnels and reduce collapses. Well diggers, dredge gobies, crabs and all other cave builders in your tank will be a real joy to work with.

Aragonite - unique sand from nature

Aragonite is found as a purely natural product on the Bahama Banks, where it is formed during the metabolism of algae and bacteria. It precipitates as a result of a biochemical process and floats above the Bahama Banks, where it sinks to the sea floor. Every year, almost 2 billion kilograms of new aragonite are created in this way. In the natural form we offer, aragonite is a thoroughly sustainable product.

Why oolitic sand is ideal for your aquarium ecosystem

With aragonite sand you create the best conditions in your saltwater aquarium so that its inhabitants feel well, thrive and stay healthy. Because it has something decisive which calcite or dolomite do not have: Its natural oolitic (egg-shaped) grain makes this sand pleasantly soft. This makes aragonite sand suitable for digging animals such as gobies, crabs and sea cucumbers. But also hard corals and "difficult" plants, such as tall sea grass, grow particularly well in it. The natural, round polished reef sand is perfectly suited for method of the "Deep Sand Bed" (DSB).

The highly porous aragonite is available in various grain sizes, with the smallest grains being less than one millimeter in size. These tiny grains of sand offer the great advantage of more surface area for bacterial colonization than other sand. Aragonite in a cube of one cubic centimeter has a surface area of an incredible 8000 square meters! That much biomass means that aragonite is unbeatable in the reduction of nitrates, nitrites and ammonia.

Recommended by Triton and other marine biology Institutes.

Experts repeatedly stress the importance of aragonite as a substrate. As in its marine home, aragonite also comes into action in your tank as soon as the pH value falls below 8.2, the value of natural seawater. This is because when the water becomes acidic, the substrate dissolves, releasing minerals and trace elements such as calcium, strontium, magnesium and iodine. Corals absolutely need these substances to form their skeleton. The pH value then returns to normal and your aquarium remains stable. All natural and without chemical additives. This is one of the many advantages of aragonite over calcite or dolomite.

Only aragonite can do this too: The "miracle mineral" has a 30 times higher filter capacity than purely decorative sand such as calcite or dolomite. Anyone opting for sustainable aquaristics chooses aragonite from the very beginning. In contrast to other substrates, you hardly ever have to replace real reef sand and you save lime water and calcium reactors. Just add a little sand if necessary and enjoy your unique stable ecosystem in the aquarium.

Natural from the ground up - environmentally friendly and sustainably extracted

On the sandbanks at the coral reef you can see the fascinating cycle of nature: they are constantly forming new ones. Aragonite from CaribSea comes exclusively from self-renewing sources (Bahama Banks). Here the sand is extracted in an environmentally friendly way and comes to your home free of heavy metals, pesticides or other pollutants, but full of good and natural substances. Use sustainably extracted sand from intact reef ecosystems and start with the most natural substrate in the pool. For the love of nature. For the love of your hobby, seawater aquaristics.

Aragonite sand in a current tank: no contradiction!

Aragonite sand from CaribSea is available in many particle sizes. Choose the appropriate grain size and composition for your aquarium and thus recreate the chosen habitat as authentically as possible.

By the way, it is not true that aragonite blows more strongly with the current than calcite or dolomite. The degree of blowing is equally dependent on the grain size of all substrates - the lighter the particles are, the easier they blow.

CaribSea offers you a wide range of aragonite sands - from very fine to particularly coarse grain sizes. The bandwidth ranges from 0.25 mm to 50.0 mm. Simply choose the optimal solution for your habitat and tank size.

For DSB: Calculate about 90% demand with the dry sand and add about 10% live sand as top layer.

Grain Size:

0,5 - 1,5 mm